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POP3 Access in Yahoo Mail Free

POP3 in Yahoo Mail

Updated June 2010

For all Yahoo mail users who do not have yahoo pop3 option in their mail settings,good news,now you too can  use pop3  without a Yahoo Plus account .There is no software involved here,here is all you have to do.

Here’s how:

  1. On the right corner is the options link,click it to see the list of options.Now click on more options…1
  2. In the options screen,select the POP Forwarding option and enable it.Save the changes.If you do not have this option go to step 82
  3. Now to set up Outlook,at the add new account wizard click on the manual settings button.
  4. Enter the following values for this screen,and then click on the more settings… button.10
  5.  incoming server: or ( outgoing server:
  6.  Advanced Setting:Under outgoing server, the first box is checked and use same settings as my incoming server. 1112   
  7. Use port 995 and check the box, for SSL connection. second port is 465, and select SSL encryption.
  8. Now test the settings.If this didn't work , try changing the content settings as follows:
  9. In the options list select  to classic mail   3
  10. Now click on the options link
  11. .7 Select Mail Options.
  12. Now you will see a new option that you didn’t see before ,‘Account Information’8
  13. In the Account settings change the region to Asia.9 
  14.     d
  15. If everything has been done correctly you should see   on the top left corner of your screen.You will now have a "POP3 Access and Forwarding" choice under Management settings!, enable it.
  16. Save the settings and now try the outlook settings from step 4.
  17. That’s it.



This is a short video on the whole thing.


The folders that you created are not synced or downloaded.
This may not work for new accounts.

These are not settings for YPOPS


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k.m.tabib said...

[quote]Advanced Setting:

Under outgoing server, the first box is checked. and use same settings as my incoming server.

Use port 995 and check the box, for SSL connection. second port is 465, and select SSL encryption.[/quote]

Leave ports as 25 & 100. No need to undertake this step. Doing so will disable your Anti-Virus program - such as NOD32 - to check for viruses as such Anti-Virus packages refuse SSL protocol on port 995 & 465!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I've tried this and it works good until you try to send email. I'm using Outlook Express (Outlook 2003 didn't work at all) and it receives fine, but won't send

- any thoughts?

Tara Moluska said...

iam already setting as your tutorial but when i want enable pop3, no one option "POP3 Access and Forwarding" , can give why...?

Roger said...

Excellent! I'm using UK instead of Asia with default port settings. I hope this configuration is a long term solution.ynd

Randy said...

I got this working and then set my region back to yahoo USA. POP3/SMTP from OE 6 still working. Cross your fingers.

Vishnu Murahari Rao said...


Thanks for this excellent tutorial. But beats me why Yahoo does not provide free POP access when Gmail and Hotmail both provide free POP access. Probably trying to milk money of early email adopters who started out on Yahoo mail. They probably have tons of email in their inbox, which makes switching difficult.

I was looking up info for a friend of mine who is in the above mentioned situation. I switched to Gmail long time back, because of Yahoo's hold up practices.

dacoolthings said...

Thanks Sanjeev.

Looks like your solution is working. Finally we have something from yahoo as non-paid version of pop3.

Tabitha said...

yahoo refused me... help!


Works wonderful!


Joshua said...
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Joshua said...
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Anonymous said...

This trick worked for me a couple months ago, with my old Yahoo account, but when I tried it with a new Yahoo account I set up today, no. POP3 is not selectable. Maybe Yahoo has closed this loophole?

p said...

To the Team! How do I transfer the e-mails from my Yahoo Sent Folders to outlook 2007 - specified folder?

Could you please add a visual tutorial!

Thank you all for your help!!

rohit said...

it's not working for me

Noble Bekki said...

thank you very much, it's really practical and useful


Vivio said...

Thanks for sharing!

May you have many years with smile on your face!

Mohamed said...

Great tutorial, I still cannot send any mail, only receive...any thoughts?

Sajeev Nair said...

For all those having problems sending mail,check that you have set the outgoing server settings as mentioned.
I've added a video for setting up Outlook.

Newer versions of anti viruses support POP3S scanning,and have advanced heuristics.

srgrggrg said...

Thanks a whole bunch SAJEEV!!!
that was great!

ONE Question:
In gmail, after downloading with outlook, the read/unread status of each message on the server will not change. I mean if you log onto gmail on the web, you will see the read/unread status as if nothing has changed (as before).

but with this trick you've taught us, yahoo sets all the messages you download with outlook as "read". is there any way to not alter the read/unread status?! this is very important to me. If anyone can help.... THANKS.

@lch3m15t said...

tq sajeev,

it is very useful, anda it is working .... :D

Jacob said...

Thanks a million Sanjeev!! Leaving the ports on default waoks too.

Matt said...

OK _ Found this from a link when I went to upgrade my YPOPS app. I set everything up in my Outlook 2002 (SP3) and when I "test" everything checks out, except there is no "status" for "Log onto incoming mail server (POP3)" and when I tell Outlook to send/receive, the Y! account pops up wanting a password, and fails with a "reported error (0x800CCC92): 'your e-mail server rejected your login . .. The server responded ERR [SYS/PERM] pop not allowed for user.'".
Does this mean I can't use this method, or is there another work around?

@nwarsadathCkadavath said...

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank u sajeev..

@nwarsadathCkadavath said...

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank u my dear sajeev.

Alexis said...

Today by myself came my sister and told me about his news.She said that her account password of MS Outlook was lost.I advised for her-forgot outlook password recovery.And in some hours she told me thanks for this tool.Moreover as she said tool demonstrated how it retrieve your password only and recover forgotten password to Outlook.

msalklan said...

sajeev u r grreaaat
thnks a ton

msalklan said...

sajeev u r great
thanks a ton for an excellent eye opener

FJS said...

Ypops 9.7.3 with MS outlook 2002 SP3 under XP does not really work. is able to deliver a testmessage to but does not have access to the mails in to forward them to outlook. There is permanently the error 0x800CCC92 and the message "[SYS/PERM] pop not allowed for user

Kuch Phearun said...

Hi Sajeev,

I also have the problem of "The server responded: -ERR [SYS/PERM] pop not allowed for user" I configured my yahoo account with my Outlook 2007. I have searched and filled all the process of Configuration I found on the web. After finishing the steps I send out the e-mail for testing and It sent out ok.

The problem is that Outlook didn't download any e-mail from my yahoo account. When I clicked send/recieve there is a pop up error asking me to type username and password the window error "Enter Network Password"

I use and Add the advance setting I use port 995 SSL and 465 SSL. It still didn't work.

Would you have any advice pleas help me. Thanks,


Sujatha said...

Hi Sajeev

Great Tutorials.

But, when I trying to convert my preferred content to Yahoo Asia! in Account Info, there is no such option available now.

Could be great if I can have the latest status of this Yahoo & Outlook Configuring, how it works, it works or not, etc??


Sujatha said...

Hi Sajeev

Great Tutorials.

But, still I am not able to configure my yahoo on my Outlook Express. Going by your instructions (Release on blog in Mar 09) I tried to change the Preferred Location of my Account Info to Yahoo!Asia, but unable to.

What is the current scenario on the same? Is configuring Yahoo on Outlook still possible?

proxyking said...

No one has mentioned if this "trick" allows you to download custom folders that you have in Yahoo mail to Outlook.

This is very important to me.

Is it just the "inbox", or alllll folders -- including ones you have created ?

Thank you.

trae_z said...

many thanks for this, proved very useful to me. my testimonial here:

bb said...

Tried many Asian servers and none gave me option for POP and Forwarding.
Is this tutorial for Windows or Mac? Your screen shots do not look like what I get on Win.

Problem mentioned in previous comments about not being able to send is from Yahoo implementation of CAPTCHA. If not using Yahoo as client there is no provision for entry into this - plus who wants to have to do this each time you try and send an e-mail. they call it "spam protection" - users call it nuisance.

jagadeeswara said...

Its working really wonderful post.

Thanks for ur effort

rattan deep said...

Sanjeev Rox..
Thanx Bro..

taufik said...

thanks alot bro...

جُنید عطارِی said...

Can we get user created folders too?

koustubh said...

hey thanks worked when i set the outgoing server to 465 with ssl...

no other changes required in the settings for me..

Chet said...

This does not work. Maybe newer versions of Yahoo now require the plus account but I have no plus account and I cannot use the pop forwarding feature in Yahoo because of this. If I am not doing something I should let me know but I followed these instructions and Yahoo said I needed a plus account.

Artictreker said...

Works like a Charm. Thanks Sajeev.
I use Outlook XP aka 2002 and Windows XP SP3. Downloaded via POP Settings and works great.

Lovecarla said...

Thanks... it works! I had a hard time with this thing. The worst part I didn't want all my messages to erase from my Email yahoo inbox. But I didn't pay much attention and I forgot to click on the option for leaving messages from my inbox. Now can I forward all to my inbox again?

Donnie said...

They have removed the pop3 and forwarding from asia now and this no longer works!

smile_devil said...

It really works thanks....!!

Andrew said...

What a great solution - thanks for making this available. I haven't run it through everything yet (like sending), but I'm getting my Yahoo mail delivered to Outlook 2007. Awesome.

Andrew said...

Works like a charm. Thanks for posting this you clever devil you.
Haven't tried sending yet, but everthing's working like a charm.

mtaimoor60 said...

Thanks man its really worked for me.Great trick......

sarah pan said...

great tips. It did work for me. Thanks a lot.

bare bones said...

Great info! Thanks!

Windows MAC Support

Mohamed Sha Rimzan Hassan said...

Hi Sajeev,

I tried this a long time ago for my other yahoo account then it worked but I want to do this for my new yahoo account but I am finding it difficult, can you please help me out, Thanks in Advance.

Rimzan Hasssan

Meagan said...
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