Friday, April 23, 2010


I had this problem with Dell INSPIRON’s wireless Bluetooth adapter  WIDCOMM made by Broadcom corp.

The Bluetooth connection would break off after a few minutes whenever I used my Sony Bluetooth stereo headset with the laptop

The peculiar thing about the problem was that this happened only when the headphone was in stereo headset mode and not when it was acting as a hands free for Skype calls.

The Problem:

  • Bluetooth Icon disappears from the system tray
  • The Laptop doesn't appear to have Bluetooth after this point,
  • Other devices do not ‘see’ or ‘find’ the laptop as a Bluetooth device
  • Everything returns to normal after a restart.

The Observation

For some reason after a certain amount of time the Bluetooth adapter switches off and the laptop no longer acts as Bluetooth pair able device.

The Solution

Before applying the solution here is a checklist of things that needs to be checked before hand

Is the Bluetooth ‘turned on’ ,it could just be turned off/on  by the following

  • BIOS
  • Function Key on the Laptop [f2]

Have you installed the latest dell Bluetooth driver windows (in my case dell Bluetooth driver windows 7)

You can find these drivers at the dell support website

Finally all I did was

  1. Go to the Device manager
  2. bluetooth-1
  3. Select the Bluetooth Device
  4. Right click on it and select properties
  5. Go to power management tab
  1. In this tab
  2. UNCHECK (if checked) the

Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power

bluettoth 2

That's it click on OK and close the device manager.

This fixed the problem for me

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