Friday, March 6, 2009

Need For Speed:Shift

EA Announced in January that it would be releasing three NFS games.

Need for speed :Shift ,Need for Speed: Nitro and Need for Speed World Online.

After Pro Street this is EAs second attempt at Sim-racing.The last few NFS games have been  major disappointments. After the Underground series none of the NFS games have been able to please racing fans.

NFS shift

Simulation Racing

After a long stint as an arcade racer, Need for Speed is heading into simulation territory and will be going head-to-head against seasoned pros Gran Turismo and Forza.

What’s different in Shift?

Shift is all about your experience as a race drive,all the cars will be unlocked at the beginning itself!!

There are a variety of effects that makes you feel that EA is serious about the Sim racing scene this time.Some of the effects include crashes with effects like temporary vision blur after crashes,tunnel vision at high speeds, subtle reflections coming off the windshield, and heat haze emitted from engines,violent camera shakes with audio effects like such as a stress-induced spike in heart rate and even a sharp gasp of breath before impact etc.

The environments are also promised to be realistic, with animated crowds, race marshals, and LCD screens helping to re-create the race-day atmosphere.

It all seems great but I hope that EA is able to deliver this time.

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