Saturday, October 9, 2010

Multimedia on Opensuse 11.3

I spent a lot of time installing multimedia codecs on linux distribution opensuse 11.3

A few point to remember while doing this are:

Add packman to the repository list

Install all the essential codecs like win32codecs-all and mp3,xvid etc.

After all this I got video and mp3 to play on my OS but there was no audio in the video.I look all over the internet, installing reinstalling the packages over and over again.

Finally when I was just about to give up I looked at the KDE mixer one last time and found the PM volume is zero.

I couldn’t think of volume being a problem as MP3 played loud and clear. So did youtube videos.

I seems that the digital audio from divx and xvid files needed too be outputted in pcm so as soon as I raised the PCM volume the was sound!!

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